Product FAQs

1How do I buy your products?
At the moment, you can only buy it online from our Shops page. Later, once we have agents, you can approach any of them to get the repeated order.
2What is the maximum I can buy at one point of time?
No limit of multiple 4 bottles. Most recommended. You save 25% every time you opt for this rare offer.
3How long it take you to deliver?
Allow us to have it delivered to your mailing address in 2 working days.
4Do I have to pay shipping or postage charges?
During this introductory stage, shipping and postage are free.
5Do you have any Refund Policy
Refer to our Purchasing Policy found at the footer of our website.
6Where do I find your agent?
Please refer to the list found at the footer of our website in due time.